Our Impact through social media


Let’s talk about our impact through social media.

For most of my life I’ve always wanted to quote on quote change the world, but what does that actually mean?

As a kid when I set that goal for myself I didn’t even think about it, and as a young adult, I didn’t either. I believed social media was the way to change the world and my definition of this was more or less shaped by what I was consuming every day.

Bikinis, Travel, Food, Luxury, Fame, Products, You get it.

It seemed to me that changing the world meant having to be insta-famous or a successful Youtuber or blogger, because only then would people listen to what I had to say.

So what did I do?

At 19 I started making Youtube videos about veganism. I thought this will not only have a positive impact on the world but also give me money to survive and not have to work.

I started posting food, travel, and bikini photos just like everybody else, because I understood the marketing behind that. I understood people were interested in looking at lush jungles, tight, bodies, and delicious food.

People wanted to disconnect and Disconnect they did.

I became a mindless copycat and made content for people to disconnect. That doesn’t seem like something that will change the world at all.

I think I learned, and I learn this just a few months ago, that I don’t have to turn into something I’m not and get famous only to then become the person I want to be and only then try to convince people of a positive message that will change the world.

You know what needs changing? Me.

I’m an artist, not a model, I’m a yogi, not a guru, and I’m a person who speaks her mind, not an entertainer.

I don’t want to entertain you I want to make you think. I want to make me think. I want to change myself so that only then I can change everyone around me.

I guess it took me 4 years to understand, but at least I understood.

It doesn’t take an influencer with a million followers to make things better. It takes an actual human who cares.

Social media is a great tool. I do believe that, but I also believe that at this moment this tool is using us not the other way around. So I dare you to look at the people you follow and ask yourself why you follow them, ask yourself how everything you see shapes your life today. I dare you to turn off your phone for a couple of hours a day and ask yourself what can you do with that time to give yourself joy and purpose.

I dare you to live.

I dare you to change the world.