3 Apps to improve your brain

Today I want to encourage you to download apps that will actually bring a positive impact to your life because most of the apps that we usually have on our phones are there for procrastination.

Let’s change that!

Let’s make our brains more functional and less distracted with the power of technology




This is a meditation app aimed at people that are not used to meditating or that have never done it at all.  It’s an easy to use app with ten days worth of meditation for free, as well as free session trials for different kinds of meditations such as meditations for motivation, managing anxiety, self-esteem, etc.

It’s a perfect day starter that will ease your brain into the right mindset for the rest of your day. I love that this app guides your meditations with simple concepts and doesn’t overcomplicate something that is already pretty complicated for most of us.



Want to learn a new language and do it for free? Well, there is an app for that my friends, and it’s called Duolingo. 

This app is such a great teacher for all kinds of students, because it combines visuals, with audio, and text to help you learn languages in a stress-free way. It also gives you points every time you are consistent with your practice and it has over 16 languages for you to choose from.

You can get that language practice out of your way every day by just spending 10 minutes day learning. Full disclosure here: I use this app every time I go to the bathroom and it’s been “le meilleur choix que j'ai fait“. (The best choice I’ve ever made).



This is an app where you get to play games, which is awesome but you also get to exercise your neuroplasticity, which is even better. Lumosity works towards improving your memory, adaptability, problem-solving, task completion, attention, and velocity with fun games that are entertaining and easy to play.

I recommend this app for those of us who want to improve our brain’s capabilities without having to do something boring in order to achieve that. Plus is perfect for those times when you have absolutely nothing to do and you have already gone through your entire Facebook or IG feed.