I wrote a Vegan Article for Elite Daily

Approximately two months ago I received an email from elite daily where they invited me to become a contributor for their electronic magazine. To me, it was a delight to know that I could be part of a platform that was bigger than my vegan blog to spread information that I consider important like veganism.


So two weeks after starting to work as a contributor for Elite Daily I wrote my first article that talked about a subject regarding my love life. Partially, I decided to write about love because, well, it was an easy bet for them to approve an article like that, but after that article, I felt confident enough to write about more important subjects than my love life!

I wrote an article where I tell the story of how veganism saved my life.

Being part of Elite Daily’s team is a great opportunity to convey my knowledge about the environment, veganism, health, exercise, and lifestyle.

Although the magazine does contain a lot on fashion, gossip, and trivial news, I think the fact that they consider a subject like veganism a trending topic and that they approve of articles like mine talks really well about them.

I wish to continue contributing material of importance to the readers of elite daily and I hope this opportunity takes me even further!

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