The Pulp Fresh Bar | Vegan Reviews

If there’s something I absolutely love about traveling to different places is that I get to discover the new and upcoming local businesses of each town or city. This weekend I was lucky enough to discover “The Pulp Fresh Bar” while I was visiting the city of Stratford, Ontario. 

My first impressions of the place were that it looked clean and minimalistic. I especially loved the watermelon wallpaper at the entrance and the succulents on each table.

Two young women took our orders and were kind enough to explain to us the items on the menu. This is a vegetarian restaurant so we did ask them to take out the cheese in one of our meals, but other than that most items are completely vegan.

The Pulp offers smoothies, fresh bowls that come with a base of rice or a base of quinoa, pressed juice, porridge, and snacks.

I ordered a bowl called BUDDHA, which was made up of marinated tofu, pineapple, carrot, cucumber, green onion, and cilantro with a base of rice. I had to ask them to take out the pineapple though because I’m allergic. They offered me to exchange it for another veggie or fruit which I thought was really nice so I exchanged it for corn.

My boyfriend ordered a bowl called EL AMIGO. This one was made up of black beans, corn, tomato, red pepper, aged cheddar (which we removed), cilantro, avocado, spicy pico de gallo salsa, and a base of rice.

Finally, the friend that was with us ordered a bowl called FESTIVAL with marinated tofu, spinach, tomato, lentils, avocado, red pepper, orange tahini sauce and a base of rice.

The three of us are really close so we all shared each bowl with each other to get a taste of everything. We all agreed that our favourite was the Buddha bowl, then the Festival, and finally El Amigo.

I feel as though there could be some improvements regarding the portions especially because all the bowls were so tasty so if you have a huge appetite you might want to ask for two bowls. Also, prices are pretty good and accessible.

Right before we were leaving we met the co-owner of the restaurant. He explained to us that the plates and containers used here are all biodegradable which is always a plus for me and that they try to buy local products whenever possible.

Overall I had a wonderful time at The Pulp. The service was excellent, the food was very tasty, the place was inviting, and the experience enjoyable. I would 100% recommend for you to visit the Pulp if you are visiting Stratford and are looking for delicious vegan or vegetarian food.