Vegan Rice Milk Recipe


·      1 cup of White rice

·      1L water

·      1 tsp Agave Honey (optional)

·      ½ tsp Vanilla extract (optional)


·      Strainer

·      Blender

·      1L Jug


1.    Soak the rice in a jar with water for a whole night or during 8hrs.

2.    After soaking, place ingredients in a blender.

3.   If you want you can add Agave honey and Vanilla to the blender to give a sweeter taste, but if you don’t desire to you can leave it like that with nothing else.

4.    Blend for 1 minute until the mixture is white. (Like regular milk we buy at the supermarket)

5.    Once liquefied, strain the solid leftovers from the rice through a strainer and pour the liquid into a container.

This rice milk has an approximate lifetime of about 1 week if kept in the refrigerator.