Review of J-Pluss JUMBO body moisturizing vegan cream

I bought a Vegan Body cream for $ 1.71 USD! This has to be the most enjoyable discovery of the week.

I normally buy vegan body creams at organic grocery stores, naturist places or hippy places because usually, those are the only places where you can get them, but the other day I was shopping at MEGA Comercial Mexicana and I was met with the wonderful discovery that they were selling a mexican body cream, which does not test on animals, 100% vegan for 1.71 USD!

I was so excited that I even bought two because I was very happy to see new Mexican vegan products in the supermarket at such an affordable price.

I always seek to support Mexican companies. Despite that, I also try to give my honest opinion about these products because if the emerging companies are doing well we must support them and if they are doing wrong we must say where they are mistaken.

My first observation about the J-Pluss cream is that it comes in a very normal container that at first glance doesn’t seem to convey that it is a vegan cream. I don’t think this is bad or good, it is totally subjective, and in fact, it can be good because people who are just looking for a normal body cream can see this and buy it without realizing they are consuming a vegan product.

The name that appears on the container is J-Pluss which is the name of the brand and below it says JUMBO CREAM. I don’t know if this is the name of the product or if they are telling you that it is Jumbo size but, to give you an idea of the quantity that the container brings, the net content is 500 gr.

A container of the same size from The Body Shop shop costs approximately 21 to 24 USD. This cream cost me 1.71 USD. I'm reiterating the price because I think it gives it a competitive advantage against the other vegan creams.

Now, the experience of the product itself is totally and completely normal. What do I mean by normal? I felt that I was using a cream like the ones I used to buy from Nivea, Mr. Ives, Pond's or any supermarket brand.

I like that the consistency of the cream is similar to a body butter, although it is not as dense.

The scent reminds me of sams generic brand creams or some pharmacy creams. That’s something I personally don’t like too much. One advice I would give would be to use essential oils to perfume the scent a bit, but I think that's also personal taste.

It left my skin smooth and moisturized practically all day every day since I've used it. I usually use it after bathing in the afternoon and my skin feels soft and moisturized.

Another positive thing that the cream has is that the packaging is recyclable and does not contain parabens.

It is important to note that not all J-Plus Cosmetica products are vegan. They have a cream with honey and others with yogurt. Despite that, I think we should create a demand for products like this cream so that they produce more like it, cruelty-free, and not like their products containing honey or yogurt.

You can find this brand in Walmart, Chedraui, Bodega Aurrera, Sam's Club, Comercial Mexicana, Waldos, Super Pharmacy Guadalajara, Super Netto, Pharmacies GI, and Farmacias Yza.

I recommend this cream for people who are interested in buying beauty products free of cruelty but that don't necessarily want to spend a lot of money.

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