Recipe: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

(This recipe contains peanut ingredients. If you are allergic to it it’s not advisable to consume these cookies).


• 3.5oz of chocolate bar 73% dark (or vegan chocolate chips)

• ½ cup vegetable milk (recipe here)

• 6 ½ tbsp smooth peanut butter

Dry ingredients:

• 1 2/3-cup Flour

• ½ tsp baking powder

• 1-cup sugar



• Medium Bowl

•Wax paper

• Flat baking tray

Ice cream Spoon (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 356 ° F for 10 minutes while the cookie dough is created.

2. In a bowl stir our dry ingredients until they are incorporated.

3. Add vegetable milk, and peanut butter to our mixture and stir until you reach a smooth but malleable dough consistency.

4. Add chocolate bar cut into small cubes or chocolate chips and stir until all the dough is full of chocolate chips.

5. With an ice cream spoon serve portions of the dough into balls and place them on our tray with wax paper.

6. Our cookies must be separated from each other at a minimum distance of 2 inches.

7. Place tray with cookies in the oven for 12 to 14 minutes at 356 ° F.

8. For both sides to evenly bake you can flip the tray after 7 minutes to the other side.

9. When the cookies are ready you should be able to pass a toothpick into the cookie and it should come out without any residue stuck in it.

10. Once the cooking time has passed let the cookies cool for 10 minutes.

This recipe can give you from 12 to 18 cookies depending on the size you give them.

Ariann Aguilar