Diego's Tacos the best tacos of Cozumel for everyone (even vegans)

One of the things I love most about traveling is eating at local places that are run by friendly and hardworking families who love their business and give the best service possible. When you eat at these places not only do you experience the joy of trying new traditional foods of the region but you also feel welcomed and part of the culture of the place where you are at.

Today I visited, Diego's Tacos, a taco stand run by a spectacular family in front of the international airport on the beautiful island of Cozumel.

My first impression was that the place was clean, surrounded by nature, fresh and inviting you to sit down to eat.

On arrival you are greeted by the son of the owner of this restaurant, Erick, a charismatic young man, full of light, joy and kindness. My partner and I are vegans and it is very common that we have problems ordering food that is not on the menu but that can be done. Here we had no problem. They made vegan food especially creating dishes that were not on the menu and they did it with great joy which is rare generally.

If you are looking for a place that is vegan-friendly this one is. Even though it is incredible to visit 100% vegan restaurants, the reality is that they are not abundant everywhere and creating a demand for vegan products in non-vegan restaurants expands the chances that these places incorporate vegan dishes in the future.

The food was delicious! It should be noted that all food is prepared by Erik's mom. It was such a pleasure to eat the burrito that I asked for with guacamole, red bell pepper, pico de gallo and fries that I ordered some additional tacos with the same filling. The corn tortillas were made by hand and added an even richer touch to the tacos.

The sauces were also very tasty. I thought they catered for different tastes since one wasn’t hot, the other just a little and the last one was super hot.

Finally, I want to mention that the atmosphere is very nice, quiet and a place that invites you to spend lunch or breakfast with your family or friends. The location is opposite the international airport and it’s a beautiful area.

I highly recommend visiting this place and supporting local Mexican businesses especially if they are run by local families. Thank you to the Diego's Taco’s family for pampering us and making us feel at home!