I found this restaurant by chance when I was about to visit another place I already knew with my boyfriend and on arrival we found that there was no place.

Café Amparos was opposite to the restaurant we were going to and we decided to venture out. I usually avoid going to restaurants that I don’t know and that aren’t vegetarian or vegan. Simply because sometimes it is very tiring to have to explain to the waiters what I need exactly in a place where they don’t handle vegan options.

But we decided to venture out because this place looked really nice. At first glance, we did not see anything on the menu that was vegan and I was a little disillusioned. Then the owner arrived to attend our table and was so friendly that we decided to ask him if he handled vegan options to which he replied something fantastic.

He told us that this was their old menu! And that they were working on a new menu with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options!

We were very happy to learn this because this is one of the few places in Cozumel that explicitly offers vegan food. The owner told us what meals we could order. Among our choices were vegan Chilaquiles, vegan enchiladas, vegan tacos, vegan stuffed pepper, and a variety of smoothies.


We decided on two smoothies, green Chilaquiles and red ones as it was early in the morning and we love Chilaquiles for breakfast. If you follow my Instagram you already know this very well.

The food was delicious, well served and not expensive at all. We were surprised! We did not expect it to be so nice.

The place itself is cozy. It feels like a place with a lot of Mexican influence and is adorned with paintings by different artists for sale. It also has air conditioning, which is great in this tropical weather.

Curiously it works as an American Diner in the sense that you can eat breakfast at any time of the day.

I recommend it to all the vegans of the island and those who come to visit. You will not be disappointed.