Things living in the Caribbean thought me about people from around the world

 I’m lucky I was born in an extremely touristic place, the Mexican Caribbean. Throughout my life I have been able to meet, and interact with people from all over the world, all of them having different cultures, traditions, ways of thinking and different languages.

 Not only has this opportunity given me incredible friends, and memories, but it has also thought me many things about people from around the world.

 Everyone is in the search of happiness

This may sound like a broad speculation or generalization, but if there is something I know to be true is that people are always in the search of happiness. I have been able to realize this through meeting people who travel the world in search of it. Experiences like traveling fill their souls with joy and learning about other countries also teaches them about themselves internally. This to many of the travelers I have met is essentially what fuels them to keep moving forward.



People have to trust in strangers

By getting out of your comfort zone and stepping into someone else’s home, their country, you essentially give in to trusting strangers all the time. You trust them with recommendations for places to visit, you trust them to teach you about their ways, you trust them when they share with you their history, you trust them when they invite you over to their house to share a meal for the first time, you trust that some people will try to protect you from their own people, mostly the bad guys, and you trust strangers to embrace your foreign presence in their country. 

This kind of trust is proof to me that we are all capable of living in harmony with each other no matter the differences that may exist between us.

 Jay ( From  ) and I

Jay ( From ) and I

Foreigners help us appreciate what is familiar and mundane to us

Now, this point won’t apply to everyone, but personally, I have found that, more often than not, strangers that come from other countries cherish the beauty of my country more than I do. This is because they are grateful for being in a place they have never seen before, and are able to appreciate its beauty and importance. Their appreciation has helped me be more kind and grateful for my home.  I can empathize with travelers’ sense of wonder and experience my country like it’s a new place all over again.

I think that is a huge gift to have thanks to living in such a frequented place like the Mexican Caribbean.

You will never be the same person after visiting a different country

If something is clear to me is that our surroundings build our existences and our existence builds our surroundings. Most travelers I have met where I live are surprised to learn that after visiting the Caribbean their outlook in life is never the same as before. Obviously, even if you live in the same place over time your will learn new lessons about life but traveling speeds this process up, at least from what I have seen. Everyone I meet always leaves this place as people that have changed forever.

If you live in a touristic place like me you have probably already learned some of these lessons about people from around the world.

For me, the most important lesson, though, is to know that no matter where we come from or where we go we are all human and at our very core we all share the same desires, longings, dreams, hopes, and goals.

I hope you get to visit the Mexican Caribbean someday or just a place that transforms you forever. To all the people I have met thanks for the lessons learned.