What vegan snacks do I take to the beach?


Most times we visit the beach, we are there for long periods of time; It is important to stay hydrated and fed!

Last Monday I was visited by friends from Playa del Carmen and we decided to go to the other side of the Island. Like good vegans, we are food lovers so snacks couldn’t be missing from our little adventure. I was the one in charge of making them that day.

I share the snacks that I took to the beach the last time I went to the lovely sea of Cozumel with my friends.

Mango Ceviche

I brought a mango ceviche that is one of my favorite meals. Even more in times like summer and spring. It is the perfect combination between sweet and salty.

Sanissimo Tortilla Toast

I like these toasts, not only for their great taste but because they are low in fat and low in sodium. They are also practically 100% corn and go super well with the mango ceviche.

Avocado Onigiri

Avocado onigiris are the perfect solution for afternoon cravings and you can practicality prepare them a night before and take them everywhere (work, school, beach, etc.). It is a meal that is eaten cold so it is perfect for hot days and is very filling.

You can find the recipe for this delicious snack in my ebook "Rice is Nice".


Avocado sushi

Sushi like onigiris are perfect for hot days and are kept very well in any tupperware to take to school, work, etc. They are extremely simple to make and are usually a snack that we all enjoy everywhere.

You can find the recipe for this delicious snack in my ebook "Rice is Nice". 

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If you have the opportunity to enjoy the sea like me, whether you are here in the Mexican Caribbean or in other parts of the world, I recommend improving your experience with vegan snacks.