Review on Hotel B Cozumel's Restaurant for Vegans

With the idea of visiting a beach club for our family lunch time, we went to a place that we already knew would have vegan options in the Hotel Zone of Cozumel, but upon arriving at the place we discovered that it was closed due to maintenance. We then looked for another place and decided to go to one we did not know, the Hotel B Cozumel.

Here they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner in their restaurant inside the hotel. The decor is a combination of white with touches of colors and Caribbean decorations highlighting Cozumel's coastal environment.

They do not actually offer vegan options but they have at least 7 dishes that can easily become vegan without any problem:

  • Vegetarian Ceviche
  • Hibiscus tacos
  • Vegetarian Chapata with Pesto
  • Portobello Chapata
  • French fries
  • guacamole
  • Salad

I found the food very tasty and the portions plentiful.

One of the things I liked about the place was that the waiters had no problem modifying their dishes to my taste which is a great benefit for a vegan in this kind of restaurant as well.

The atmosphere is nice and quiet perfect for couples and adults alike. They have a swimming pool, a jacuzzi and access to the sea. They also have an extensive menu of alcoholic beverages and drinks such as cucumber water with lemon, hibiscus, horchata, etc. It is important to mention that they do not have vegetable milks which was a little annoying for me.

I did not get a chance to see their dessert choices in the menu as I was not super hungry when I went, but surely your best bet here is a fruit plate for dessert.

One of the few problems I noticed about the place was that they took a long time to get our food out even though there were not many tables occupied. It was not extremely slow but if you take into account that we were almost the only table there you can see the problem. If you visit this place I recommend not to come very hungry and in total relaxation mood.

In general I do recommend that vegans visit this place if they are on the island of Cozumel and want to enjoy a day at the beach, snacks and a vegan lunch.