Playa del Carmen: The most Vegan Friendly Town in Mexico?

Whether it’s because of Playa’s hippie roots or the fact that its inhabitants are all about love and nature this places holds a true heaven for vegans and plant based eaters.

There are around 28 vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in this small Caribbean town listed by happy cow, but after living here for 10 years I can assure you there are many more, at least vegan-friendly, restaurants than what happy cow says. For a town of only 228,186 people that’s pretty great actually!

The vegan perks of this magical town don’t end with its variety of vegan restaurants. All of Playa del Carmen’s supermarkets provide you with a fair amount of vegan products that you can’t usually find in other parts of the country; such as a large variety of vegan milks, snacks, mock meats, tofu, to name a few.

But if big supermarkets are not for you then you are still covered, as you’ll find at least 5 health food stores that provide you with all the products a vegan can need. Fruit markets are scattered around town too. The best part about fruit markets is that they are usually more affordable than big supermarkets.


Although veganism has a lot to do with what we eat another really important thing about it is our lifestyle and our strong community. Fortunately for vegans here there is a vegan market every other month where vegan businesses get together to offer you the best of their local, and often times handcrafted, goods. These markets are a great way to connect with like-minded people and build long-lasting relationships.

In a place like Playa del Carmen where everyone is a weirdo in their own way you won’t find yourself feeling excluded or pointed out for being vegan. Just enjoy life like you always do or wish to do!

So if you are thinking of coming to Mexico and you are vegan you won’t regret it! Also a beautiful beach never hurts.