The Best Tacos of Mexico City

I recently went to Mexico City for a wedding and one of my priorities, being in the city, was going to eat vegan tacos at "por siempre vegano".

"Por siempre vegano" is a 100% vegan taco stand which is located in a corner like any other taco stand in town. Specifically in Manzanillo Esquina Chiapas, Mexico City.

Having fully accessible prices, Por siempre vegano, has a great advantage as it caters to people of all items and lifestyles. Vegan or non-vegan.

From what I got to see, after eating at this delicious place three times, the place is always crowded and everyone seemed to enjoy the food.

Personally, I found them to be the best fake meat tacos I've ever tasted in town. The service was fast and the people that served the tacos were very friendly.

This place, apart from offering tacos, also offers tortas, pastries, desserts and juices of different flavors. I would recommend you to come to this place if you are in Mexico City and try it for yourself. You will not regret it.

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