The Fruit Shop of the small Town

I never visit the town that is right in front of where I live, because it never seemed appealing in the least, and I usually do my produce shopping in the big city that is 15 min away from me, but for some reason 2 weeks ago I had to go to this town because I couldn't print some documents.

To my surprise next to the stationery shop I visited was a fruit shop that looked really minimalist and small. I thought fruits and veggies would be crazy expensive there because it was obviously not a big chain supermarket or store, but when I went inside I was so happy to find that everything was cheaper than any supermarket I normally visit.

The reason for this was that all the fruit they sold was the fruit that never passes the supermarket regulations of shape, size and colors of the produce.  The lesson I learned from this was to always keep digging for more options when it comes to buying food because you can get deals that you never thought to be possible.

So keep discovering new options whenever you get the opportunity and keep your eyes open to life's surprises or opportunities!