My Experience with Family Reunions and Veganism

A family reunion is always something that can be difficult for most of us. We are put out of our normal context and comfort to bond with people that are blood related to us. Everyone has their own life, their habits, their beliefs, and they are almost never in line with everyone elses life, habits, beliefs, etc.

When you add Veganism to the mixture something even bigger has the potential to happen. Most Vegans are pretty passionate about this lifestyle and it's because we are passionate that we want to share our experiences and new knowledge about the world, sustainability, animal cruelty, health, etc with family.

It is the people we love the most that we want to impact the most and communicate with the most, but in today's society there is a great resistance about changing our diets, letting go of our culture, evaluating our traditions, and assuming responsibility for our actions.


I used to want to change my family, to make them go vegan and I truly did my best to show them the videos, the books, documentaries, the cruelty and information. I'm sure I had some sort of impact on them but non of my family members became vegan. I still would love to turn them to veganism, but I no longer seek conflicts with them about that subject, families already have enough conflicts as it is.

Now a days, I do my best to be happy. I try to show them how wonderful I feel, how involved I am in the lifestyle, how important protecting our environment is, how sentient animals are, and how easy and rewarding it is to go vegan. ( I also try to see them after they ate or before, because I hate seeing corpses on the table)

I understand that some people, whether you tell them in a nice way to go vegan or in an aggressive way, will not go vegan and I've chosen no to waste my energy on those people even if they are my family.  I only use my energy to turn people who really want to change and go vegan. 

Still, whenever I go to family reunions I bring my vegan food, and I share it with everyone. Funny enough, the vegan food I bring is always enjoyed and eaten until there is nothing left. I efficiently explain I don't consume animal products and I'm not interested in consuming those products ever again. I explain how happy I am, how easy it is,  and I continue on without needing to say anything else about the subject or without being bothered about it.

If my family decides to one day come to me for advice on veganism my door is always open to them and will always be, but for now I try to enjoy their company without getting involved in a useless ever lasting discussion about "grass fed" beef, "humane" slaughter, "protein deficiency", etc.