Can posting the highlights of your life on the Internet have a positive impact on people?

 Luis Quiles Illustration

Luis Quiles Illustration

I know there is a huge debate on whether or not posting our lives on the internet is a good thing or a bad thing. Social media is filled with tons of unrealistic accounts portraying perfect lives from perfect and stunning looking people, but is it possible that people, who post the highlights of their lives, can have a positive impact on everyone?

I have been posting my life consistently on the internet for a year an a half now. I own 2 Youtube Channels, an Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. I do for the most part post cool things about my life there, but I also post truthful and realistic things.

One of the reasons I started thinking about the positive effects of posting highlights on the web was my vegan Youtube channel. In this channel I sometimes post "Day in a life" or "what I eat in a day" Videos, and I usually find myself trying to have an awesome day whenever I'm recording these kinds of videos, but I don't do it for the likes, the fame or to make people jealous. The reason I try to enjoy myself as much as I can while making this videos is for people to also enjoy the videos and to find them entertaining.

One of the main goals that I have for my videos is for them to have a positive, inspiring, and reflective quality to them. Imagine how amazing it would be if more people that own Youtube channels or social media accounts tried to positively impact others while also making their days better for them.

Whenever I make videos or post pictures of myself for the internet I'm more conscious about what I'm doing and how I'm feeling. What I mean by more conscious is that I'm more present in the moment, I'm more grateful for the moment and I'm happier.

Before posting pretty pictures of myself on Instagram I didn't really pay much attention to my looks or whether or not I felt beautiful. Now that I do take pictures of myself that others will see I usually do it because at that moment, while taking the picture, I felt beautiful and good about myself. I'm more aware of my inner and outer beauty.

How cool would it be if everyone used their social media accounts to feel good and to make others feel good? I think we have the capacity to use these tools as an empowering force for others and for ourselves.

We can make social media inspiring, we can make it empowering, we can make it reflective, and we can make it incredible. There are already people doing this out there, but for the most part right now there are more accounts about trivial things, gossip, celebrities with destructive behaviors, people promoting consumerism, and just unnecessary messages for the masses.

All tools can be used for good or bad. Let's use Social Media as a ground braking tool for change, growth, happiness, inspiration, consciousness and empowerment.