Are we changing things through our vegan social media presence?

Ever since I started my vegan journey I got drawn into the “taking pictures of your food” trend, and I think, in part, it is pretty amazing to share with others the diversity, colorfulness, and deliciousness of our diet, but sometimes I also consider that we are so focused on these pretty food pictures that we forget the issues involving veganism and our non vegan society.

More than once I have stumbled upon vegans who don’t want to ever see slaughterhouse videos, who don’t want to know anything about the system, who want to practically ignore all evil in the world and focus on their beautiful instagram lives.


There is nothing wrong with ignoring evil, negativity, and the harsh conditions in which our world is in, but I think we are forgetting that in order to make a real actual change in the world we have to look beyond our lives, beyond the beauty of the lifestyle, and face the problems of the world we can change through political change, sociological change, altruistic change, and so on.

In this sometimes gray world nothing would be more amazing than to free ourselves from the shackles of capitalism, politics, religion, misogyny, slaughter, war, and our routinary lives. It is because of this that when we are proposed a perfect forever vacational life through working on youtube, and the internet or whatever non 5 to 9 job we jump at the first chance to get it.

Still In order to break the system we have to infiltrate into the system. I pose the question “ Who can make a greater change in the world for veganism? a person who gets thrown in jail for protesting on the streets, a person who takes pretty pictures on their Instagram of their food, or a person who works on initiatives for legal change of laws, a person who builds vegan businesses, a person who gives educational conferences on the matter.

This is not an article to make anyone feel bad about what they are doing with their vegan lives or not. I merely want everyone to consider, to question and to reflect upon how they are going about making a change to the world and if you truly think that through your social media you can help do that or not.

I invite everyone to let me know what their opinions are on the matter as debate is always educational and nourishing to the mind.