Review of Portento Facial Products

In the video above you can discover more in depth my experience using these products as well as the results that I experienced after using them.

Portento is a small Mexican company that creates and produces 100% natural products that are vegan, free from preservatives and free of toxic synthetic ingredients.

Its products are handmade using traditional methods, and are not tested on animals.

Its founders are Maria Fernanda and Deric. The two have training in Biological Sciences, Experimental Biology Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biology.

They started this company as a result of a desire to use products free of toxic and carcinogenic components for the body.

Their business vision is one that takes responsibility for the health of our bodies, caring for the environment and animal abuse in the cosmetics and beauty industry.

The Facial products I tried from them were:

  •   An exfoliating handmade soap.
  •   A Facial Moisturizing Butter.
  •   A Pink Clay with lavender essential oil.

In my video I explain in what way these products benefited me and what experience I had with them but I also want to share with you the qualities of these natural products because they are many and they are wonderful.

All soaps from Portento are created using 100% vegetable oils and butters, flavored with 100% pure essential oils, colored with natural dyes and added vitamin E. It is by this that also their soaps are 100% biodegradable.

The soap I used contains 3 types of essential oils of lavender and pink clay. Which has a relaxing effect on the skin and also serves as a very soft exfoliador.

Portento butters do not contain raw materials of synthetic origin or preservatives. They exclusively contain oils, fats and waxes of plant origin and are aromatised with 100% pure essential oils only.

The butter I used was made with shea butter and a blend of essential oils of lavender and sage that help cell regeneration. This butter left my skin moist and extremely smooth a feeling I had not felt before in my skin.

Finally, the pink clay I used is 100% natural, it also contains a blend of essential oils of sweet lavender and grosso lavender and is for sensitive skin like mine.

It left me with a feeling of having come out of a Spa. My face was revitalized and as soft as a baby's skin.

The Portento Brand is the only Mexican brand that has been registered with The Vegan Society.

This means you have the peace of mind that the ingredients used in their products are of plant origin, and that no tests were carried out on animals.

This is a brand that I'd recommend twice without hesitation because they meet the promise of high quality products and also products that are responsible with the environment.

If you are interested in finding out more about this brand you can find links to their site and social networks below: