High Carb Diets Give you High Weight Lost Results

We have been told by every diet that our number one enemy is carbohydrates. The first thing we are asked to give up is bread, potatoes, pastas, etc. But this leaves us hungry all the time, tired, and unsatisfied.

When I first went vegan I was amazed by the amount of carbohydrates I could eat without gaining a single pound. 3 years later I have still not gained a single pound, and I eat more than I ever did before.

The thing is Carbs are not what make us gain weight. The things we put on them, like cheese, cream, meat, chicken, dressings, etc. (animal products), are what make us gain weight.

How is it that carbs help people lose weight or in my case maintain a healthy weight? Here are a few reasons why Carbs are your friends!

A recent study found that the thinnest people also ate the most carbs, and the heaviest ate the least carbs. The researchers concluded that your odds of getting and staying slim are best when carbs make up to 64% of your total daily caloric intake or more.

Carbs and High Metabolism

Carbs high in Resistant Starch speed up your metabolism and your body’s other natural fat burners. As Resistant Starch moves though your digestive system, it releases fatty acids that encourage fat burning, especially in your belly.

These fatty acids help preserve muscle mass—and that stokes your metabolism, helping you lose weight faster.

Carbs are great for cravings

When dieters are taken off a low-carb diet and shifted to an approach that includes generous amounts of fiber and Resistant Starch foods, something wonderful happens: Within two days, the dieters’ cravings go away.

This has a lot to do with the fact that carbs are more filling that protein or Fat. They are digested slowly and leave a more satisfying sensation.

Belly Fat

A diet rich in Resistant Starch, increases the activity of fat-burning enzymes and decreases the activity of fat-storing enzymes. This means that the belly-fat cells are less likely to soak up and store calories as fat.

Carbs and Diabetes

In a study at the Beltsville Human Nutrition Center at the USDA, participants who consumed a diet rich in high carb foods were able to lower their post-meal blood sugar and insulin response by up to 38%.

This contradicts the common notion that starch and carbs are harmful for diabetic people.

All together carbohydrates are not only not harmful for your weight loss journey but are also helping you lose weight.

I know actions speak louder than word and that is why I always use my self as an example. I have been eating a diet high in Carbohydrates( 80% of my calories come from them) and all I have seen are amazing results. Here are a few pictures to back this up: