Are you going to lose your friends if you become vegan?

The short answer is definitely no, but first let me explain why. 

If you’ve been looking into going vegan you’ve probably heard people say that once you go vegan everyone hates you or stops being friends with you. The truth is yes, If you feel the happiest surrounded by a huge circle of aquentaces veganism is not for you, BUT! IF you appreciate good lasting real friendships then you have nothing to worry about. 

People around you will feel as if you have changed and you will have! You are now venturing into a new world of health, environmental awareness, and ethical awareness. Things have changed for you! But only the people that truly love you will be happy for you, and will see this change as personal growth. 

They don’t have agree with you 100% or with veganism, but real friends are supportive no matter what! 

Your friends and family may also express various concerns. Don’t feel frustrated or feel that they are trying to attack you most people are genuinely worried or curious about the vegan lifestyle and diet. Share what you know and show them all the benefits they could also get if they choose to go vegan or be a great example of a healthy and happy vegan. 


So NO! You will not lose your precious friends or family. You might even gain a lot more friends, because let’s face it! Vegans are a minority and the more people that join the club the better. 


By: Ariann Fruitariann