Smoothies are a great way to start your day here is why!

Ever since my vegan journey started I have had mostly smoothies for breakfast. The reason why I have been doing this is because I have found it to be easy, fast, beneficial for my health, and honestly delicious, but I really want to get into detail about why it is so good for people to have smoothies for breakfast.

Breakfast means literally Breaking the Fast that you have been doing all night (8-6hrs). Your body is beginning to wake up and get on track again. The first thing everyone should feed it is obviously water to hydrate and get the body going, but the second best thing to give your body is a smoothie.

Smoothies not only give you the chance of getting in calories, nutrients, protein, etc. really fast, but also help your digestive system by making it do less of an effort.

 Digestive Process

Digestive Process

The digestive process of everyone starts in our mouth when we chew our food. With smoothies you are already one step ahead because you have already blended all your greens, fruits and veggies. The body doesn't have to use too much energy to break down what's left of the food you blended. That leaves you feeling satisfied but also energetic and light even if you have just shamed 900 calories in one smoothie.

Now a lot of people may argue that having a large fruit smoothie gives your body a large quantity of sugar to process really fast provoking insulin spikes, but unlike juices, smoothies also have tons of fiber in them which help your body process sugars reducing the insulin response. Therefore this is not an issue you should worry about.

The bottom line here is smoothies are convenient, healthy, filling, nutritious, delicious, and, depending on what fruits, veggies or seeds you use, really cheap. I would recommend having them for breakfast anytime.

If you want to see the benefits for yourself try having smoothies for breakfast for an entire week.


Article by:
Ariann Aguilar, certified plant-based nutritionist at T. Colin Campbell's center of nutrition studies. If you are looking for nutritional guidance make sure to contact me here