How to eat vegan at airports?

Eating at airports is not only expensive it can also be very complicated to someone who is vegan.

That's why I wrote this article to give you some advice on how to eat vegan and relatively cheap at airports. I say relatively because everything at airports, even the cheapest, is still more expensive than it should be. 

The first and easiest thing to do in an airport when you want to eat vegan is to buy junk food. It's no the most recomendable because it's unhealthy but if you are on a tight budget you can do it.  

Here are 2 links to see what junk foods are vegan:

Another thing you can do is to look for places that sell fresh fruit, smoothies, or salads. This kind of food can also be cheap at airports, but isn't always easy to find. A lot of the time the food is pre-packaged and can contain things that aren't vegan like salads that dairy in their dressings, chicken, cheese, etc or fruit can have yoghurt, but if you have the possibility of buying fruit, salads, or smoothies I think that this is your best option because it's cheap and healthy. 

Finally something you can do is to go into a restaurant or food stands even if they don't sell vegan food. For example, at subway you can ask for the vegetarian subway and tell them not to add the cheese, or in others places you can ask for french fries, veggie baguettes, guacamole, white rice, veggie sushi, etc.