KoKoro (Vegan Friendly) Japanese Restaurant in Mexico City!

Long time no blog! I know... my bad, but I'm back and very excited to keep sharing vegan articles, recipes, and videos with you all. 

Today I went to have dinner with my sister, her boyfriend and my boyfriend to a very small and cozy Japanese restaurant in Mexico city. The name of the place is Kokoro and It's located in Coyoacan at a Plaza called "Plaza Santa Teresa" in Tlalpan.

This restaurant is not vegan or vegetarian but you can practically costumize any sushi roll you order and also Japanese food tends to be really vegan friendly anyways. 

The vegan options that you get here without having to change anything on the menu are Misoshiro soup, Vegetarian Yakimeshi, Gohan (white rice bowl), various salads, grilled veggies, Edamame bowl and some noodle dishes. 

If you are looking to order sushi rolls you will have to specify what you want them to have but the staff has no problem making the rolls however you want them to be which isn't something you always get in all Japanese restaurants. 

For my dinner today I had: Green Tea, Avocado Roll with carrot, cucumber, and avocado inside, Vegan California Roll, Edamames, and Yakimeshi rice.

In regards of pricing I'd say prices are low to moderate depending on what you order. Still the food is worth the price for sure and If you are near you should definitely try it out.